The Hutton Brothers

The Hutton Brothers

The Hutton Brothers (Paul and Carl) designed and built the Hutton way back in the late 70’s. And it is a testiment to the quality of design and build that so many are still around to this day.

The business started in 1978 at 206 Harbord Road, Brookvale, NSW in a factory owned by their father (Stan Hutton). They also built a 28 footer but the 24 was the most popular and that came in 2 models: one with a fixed keel and the other a trailer sailer with a drop down keel. 

Paul and Carl stopped making boats in about 1982 and then started to manufacture furling masts and booms under the name of Furlway- (Global Yacht Systems Australia P/L). This business ceased operations in about 1993. 

Sadly neither brother it still around; Paul died in 1995 aged 49 and Carl died in 2006 aged 62.

If you have any more information about the men, the business or the boat – we’d love to hear from you via our contact page.